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The 49th International Emmy® Awards Competition is now open. Deadline to submit your programs is February, 17, 2021 at noon EST

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News Entries (presented online in September/October in New York)

Current Affairs

Non-fiction story from a news magazine, news oriented talk-show, or an individual or continuing feature story in a regularly scheduled newscast.


Continuing coverage of a breaking news story in a regularly scheduled newscast (a newscast covers the major news of the day on a consistent basis).

Program Entries (presented in November in New York)

Arts Programming

A program dedicated to an art form or artist(s) (i.e. performance, art documentary, art series, or combination thereof).


Any program devoted primarily to light entertainment with scripted dialogue (i.e. sketch comedy, sitcom, parodies, stand-up, etc.).


A factual presentation providing an in-depth analysis of a specific subject or point of view supported by evidence and informed commentary, on any subject other than art and artists. (See Arts Programming definition above).

Drama Series

A dramatic production in which theme, storyline, and main characters are presented under the same title, with the intention to develop beyond a first season.

Non-Scripted Entertainment

Any program devoted primarily to entertain, or entertain and inform, with unscripted dialogue (i.e. reality show, variety show, game show, awards show, docu-reality, etc.)

Short-Form Series

Original fiction or non-fiction episodic program, with episodes under a half-hour TV time slot.


A melodramatic production with an ongoing storyline and a pre-determined ending.

TV Movie/Mini-Series

A production that has a distinct beginning, middle, and end with a finite number of episodes, generally between one (1) and twelve (12). The storyline is resolved at the end of broadcast.

Performance Entries (presented in November in New York)

Best Performance by an Actor

A male individual’s performance in a made-for-television fiction program (i.e. Movie, Mini-Series, Drama Series, Telenovela, or Comedy Series.)

Best Performance by an Actress

A female individual’s performance in a made-for-television fiction program (i.e. Movie, Mini-Series, Drama series, Telenovela, or Comedy Series.)


Kids Entries (presented in October at MipJunior in Cannes, France)

Kids: Animation

Any program intended for a young audience in which animation figures in no less than 75 percent of the program. This may include fiction or non-fiction.

Kids: Factual & Entertainment

Any non-fiction program devoted to entertain and/or inform a young audience. (i.e. game shows, reality competitions, variety shows, documentaries, news shows, etc.)

Kids: Live-Action

A fictional production (comedy, drama, or sitcom) intended for a young audience.