Vertige de la Chute (Ressaca)



Brazil’s National Ballet was fighting for its survival. The State of Rio was bankrupt, and dancers were no longer paid. Artists joined the resistance, declaring when there is no more bread and no more culture, there would be chaos. Our art is our weapon and we’re going to use it.

Program Information

Babel Doc / France Televisions / Cafeína Produções

This is the 3rd nomination in Arts Programming for France TV (won in 2015 with Illustre & Inconnu: Comment Jacques Jaujard a sauvé le Louvre (+2 Performing Arts nominations, one win in 1996 for Evidentia).

Executive Producer(s): Stéphanie Lebrun

Director(s): Vincent Rimbaux, Patrizia Landi

Writer(s): Vincent Rimbaux

Principal cast: Rio de Janeiro’s Ballet Company